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Why foam packaging is widely used

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Foam packaging should be familiar to everyone, especially for some fragile products, products that require high temperature and need heat insulation, etc., will use foam packaging, and the texture of foam packaging is very light. The handling process is also more convenient. Foam packaging has the characteristics of shock resistance, thermal insulation and sealing, which makes it widely used in production and life.


1. The texture of the foam is relatively light, and it can be filled by air. So in this way, when it receives a strong external impact, some of the gases in the foam will change, which will also reduce the external impact. Then slowly digest it.

2. At the same time, the existence of gas can also reduce the external impact force and the strong vibration brought by it. So as to achieve a very good shock-proof effect.

3. The thermal insulation of the foam packaging is also very good. In this way, when storing some high-temperature-perishable items, this packaging shows a very good thermal insulation effect, thereby avoiding the deterioration of the food, and it The anti-aging performance is also very good, so this package is very suitable for our use needs.


Xiaobian's sharing today is here, I hope to be helpful to everyone, more information about foam packaging can be viewed on our website.

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