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What is high density pearl cotton?

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There are many application forms of pearl cotton. For the use of high-density pearl cotton, which is a more popular material, how much do we know about the use of high-density pearl cotton? Today we come to understand what the material of high density pearl cotton contains!


Speaking of high-density pearl cotton, our value for the product may increase a lot, because high-density is more popular for the application of pearl cotton. In particular, high-density pearl cotton shock-proof packaging is made by physical foaming. The selection and temperature control requirements of foaming additives, anti-shrinking agents, and nucleating agents are relatively harsh.

There are also strict requirements in the process of gas production. When selecting a foaming agent, it is required to be in a gaseous state under standard conditions and to facilitate liquefaction under pressure. The second requirement is that the foaming agent is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. Non-corrosive, no residue in the polymer after foaming, low penetration and excretion rate in polyethylene melt, low vapor pressure at room temperature, high volatility, low molecular weight, high density, and low unit volume of gas cost 3. It can dissolve in polyethylene under the state of extrusion. When the temperature and pressure are increased, the amount of solution change will increase, and it is easy to make the plastic foam into a foam with a small density.


Compared with ordinary pearl cotton materials, high-density pearl cotton shock-proof packaging materials not only have higher density, but also have excellent elasticity and resilience. The surface is more delicate and difficult to deform. High-density EPE pearl cotton overcomes the fragility and deformation of traditional packaging materials. , The shortcomings of poor resilience.

As pearl cotton is used by Guangfa for the packaging of automotive cushions and hardware products. Especially after adding its color anti-static and flame retardant, its outstanding performance is even more obvious. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also effectively prevent static electricity and ignition.

At the same time, high-density pearl cotton foam sheet can be further processed. Only the surface composite aluminum foil and aluminized film need not only improve the mechanical strength, but also improve the original performance and print various patterns, characters, trademarks, etc. . The composite sheet can be used in carton liners, life jackets, thermal insulation and moisture-proof tents and other industries!

For the main material memory characteristics and advantages of high-density pearl cotton, the above has been very clear. If you have any questions, you can call or online consultation to make a detailed consultation!

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