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How to check whether Yichang insulation board meets the standard specifications?

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Faced with so many insulation board products on the market, we often don't know how to choose when buying, mainly because we don't know what the standard specifications of the product are? So, how to test the standard specifications and measurement standards of Yichang insulation board, so as not to worry about purchasing products in the future, let's take a closer look at the requirements of the normative standards for testing insulation board


The specifications and standards for the use of insulation boards are mainly planned according to the type of product. Take the external wall insulation board. Although it is an external wall insulation board, this is also divided into many types. (Gray), you have different specifications for different materials.

We need to know what are the requirements for external wall insulation EPS board: its board is 80mm thick, density ≥20kg / m3 is an indicator; it is aged for 42 days under natural conditions, and it is aged for 5 days at 60 ℃. And its allowable deviation should meet the following requirements:

Some of them have insulation boards with a standard size of 600 * 1200. Samples of insulation boards should be placed for 72 hours after production. If the density difference of the samples measured at 48 hours or 16 hours is less than 10%, the time can be shortened to 48 hours or 16 hours. The thickness of the sample size is 50 ± 1mm, the original thickness of the sample should be taken, the minimum is 10mm, and the maximum must not exceed the diameter or width of the sample.


According to the standard requirements for the determination of the compression properties of rigid foam plastics, the compression surface of the sample of the thermal insulation board must be flat, with a minimum area of 25 cm 2 and a maximum of 230 cm 2. It is not allowed to superimpose several samples, and the test results of different thickness samples are not comparable!

The principle is mainly to apply vertical pressure to the sample, and the stress to which the sample is subjected can be calculated by formula. If you want to test the modulus of compressive elasticity, record the force-displacement curve and draw the tangent where the slope of the curve is greatest.

No matter how complicated and strict the requirements of the insulation board standards are, it is mainly to ensure the effects of users in the later stages. Therefore, when purchasing products, we can simply measure the price and quality of a product from the above aspects!

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