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What are the commonly used insulation board thickness specifications?

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Each product has its own value, but it must also be divided into specific applications according to its performance characteristics. The thickness requirements of the insulation board are also calculated according to different applications. Today we come to understand in detail what are the commonly used thickness specifications of insulation boards? To help us choose insulation boards in the future!


There are many types of insulation boards, of which rubber and plastic insulation boards are more common! The thickness specifications of the rubber-plastic insulation board are mainly divided into 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm thick, and 9-10m long. Among them, the plate is the best with 20mm and has good oxygen barrier performance, which can effectively delay the corrosion of metal parts in the system and prolong the service life of metal parts!

For the specific thickness of the insulation board, the buyer can negotiate with the manufacturer and process it as required.


The production and application of rubber and plastic insulation materials in the building has been widely valued abroad since the 1970s, and has strived to significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse effects. The foreign rubber and plastic insulation materials industry has a long history, and the majority of rubber and plastic insulation materials for building energy conservation.

Rubber and plastic insulation board: It has excellent resistance to water vapor permeability and wet resistance μ≥5,000. Among them, Yichang insulation board has good fireproof performance of moisture-proof layer, oxygen index above 32, and does not contain CFC, HFC or HCFC and other fluorocarbon materials. It does not contain formaldehyde, dust and fiber. Has excellent fire performance. It is a Class B1 flame retardant material, and its operating temperature range is -50 ° C to 110 ° C.

In daily life, the use of insulation boards is endless, so when we choose, we need to make good standard requirements for what models and specifications and thickness.

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