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What materials does Yichang pearl cotton sheet have?

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There are coils and sheets of pearl cotton. Which material do you prefer? Yichang pearl cotton sheet is widely used, especially in the transportation industry. Yichang pearl cotton and various fabrics are good interior decoration materials for various vehicles and bedrooms. We all know that the main material of EPE is mostly EPE. So, what are the materials used for Yichang EPE?


Yichang pearl cotton sheet is often mixed with other materials to make composite products, which is called pearl cotton composite material. This is mainly a must-have for some chemical equipment refrigerators and camping equipment cars. Its pipes are widely used in industries such as air conditioners, baby carriages, children's toys, furniture, plumbing and ventilation.

Yichang pearl cotton has good environmental protection advantages. Not only does it not pollute the environment, it can also be reused. EPE pearl cotton foam material is a good illustration of this advantage. With the advancement of time and the continuous development and application of products, EPE pearl cotton foam materials will be more widely used in packaging and filling materials.


Yichang pearl cotton sheet is widely used in craft slippers, leather shoes, bags, mobile phone sets, electronic packaging, furniture packaging, life jackets, compartments, heat insulation and other related industries due to its super strong characteristics. Because of its characteristics of low density, good flexibility, bright color, high recovery rate, and shock resistance, it also has excellent aging resistance, and has been widely used.

Yichang pearl cotton sheet is also a big market trend in the future use, especially its environmental protection and green characteristics of secondary recycling, destined for its position in the packaging material market.

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