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How long does Yichang foam box keep warm?

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The development of the use of foam boxes in the cold chain logistics industry is a mainstream trend, and the insulation effect of Yichang foam boxes during use is also a great advantage to replace the traditional method. With the rise of the e-commerce logistics industry and people's increasing requirements for the distribution of agricultural products and processed foods, cold chain logistics has become a new industry focus. So how about the insulation effect of Yichang foam box?


New types of packaging that have been put into use at present include composite thermal insulation cardboard boxes, composite corrugated cardboard boxes, EPP environmental protection thermal insulation boxes, etc., which can better meet the needs of future cold chain logistics packaging from a functional perspective and an environmental protection perspective. First, the material innovation of the foam box is the main embodiment of its performance characteristics.

Yichang foam box is more environmentally friendly and meets consumer demand under the premise of the original product performance. It mainly includes nano packaging, edible packaging and green packaging. Functional innovation refers to the use of new technologies to enable packaging to achieve functions that it did not have, mainly including composite packaging, active packaging, and self-heating and self-cooling packaging.

Under normal circumstances, a good quality foam insulation box can keep heat for about 4-5 hours, and the thermal insulation time of different brands of foam insulation boxes will be slightly different.

Therefore, the question of how long the foam insulation box can keep heat depends entirely on the quality of the foam insulation box. The better the quality of the foam insulation box, the longer the insulation time, but it will not exceed 5 hours.


In addition, Yichang foam insulation box also has good impact resistance. Although the sealing performance of different brands of foam insulation boxes is different, the better the sealing time, the longer the food will be kept fresh.

With the improvement of our living conditions, in terms of freezing, the incubator can also be used in combination with ice packs, which can keep cold or heat. Using food-grade environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, it can also resist ultraviolet radiation, good cold resistance, so that Yichang foam box will not easily deform in high temperature water, and can also be sterilized with boiling water!

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