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How much is a square of Yichang foam insulation board?

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Foam insulation board makes us a kind of insulation material that is more common in construction and packaging of daily necessities. So what is the price of using one square of Yichang foam insulation board? This question, we must fully understand when considering, look at the material of Yichang foam insulation board, what is the cost of cost, in order to measure the price of Yichang foam insulation board ?


With the wide application of many products, there are more and more product types, and the variety of products is huge. Of course, selection becomes a big problem.

However, depending on the purpose of the foam insulation board, among them, their material composition is different. For example: Yichang foam insulation board for external walls. This material is composed of materials that do not burn, melt, or emit toxic fumes, and are lightweight, non-toxic, non-corrosive, heat-preserving, energy-saving, sound-proof, and cost-effective. Lian et al. According to the different features of its products, the price of Yichang foam insulation board is different.

Among them, there is also a relatively popular foam insulation board , that is, polystyrene foam insulation board, polystyrene foam insulation board using polystyrene foam particles or board as the insulation substrate, the use of treatment compound compound plate Products, the composite process of which mainly include particle coating, mixed molding or substrate infiltration, etc., under fire conditions have a certain shape retention ability and does not produce molten drips.

At present, there are many methods and uses of Yichang foam insulation boards in the market. With the continuous development of the industrial construction industry, the market for promoter foam insulation boards has developed rapidly, so the price of Yichang foam insulation boards ranges from one hundred to thousands. The specifics still depend on the manufacturing materials!

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