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How much is Yichang foam wine tray production and wholesale?

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For fragile and damaged products, especially for wine, what may happen during transportation. To ensure the safety of wine bottles, foam wine trays are a very good choice. Yichang foam wine tray uses a new type of shockproof packaging material and insulation material. Compared with other shock-proof materials, the advantages and characteristics are inferior, so how to calculate the wholesale price of Yichang foam wine care?


No matter what the product is, the price varies depending on the gas material and even the manufacturer. This is to measure the value of Qi Yichang foam wine tray from the material requirements. The superplastic conditions of foam packaging are not easy to fully meet, and the cost is too high. However, if it is only required that the temperature of the workpiece remains uniform and does not change with time during the forging process, it is relatively easy to implement, so it can be produced by isothermal forging.

No matter it is die forging, free forging, whole forging, local forging, no matter what temperature control measures are adopted, as long as the workpiece temperature is uniform and does not change with time, it can be called isothermal forging, which is a more commonly used foam packaging method.


At the same time, with the continuous development of the economy, the requirements for the use of Yichang foam wine trays have also increased. While achieving light texture, the use effect must be well guaranteed. The excellent sound absorption of its foam wine tray is also a form of its value. For product use, wholesale purchases are more cost-effective. The price of Yi Chenyang's foam wine tray increases with the continuous improvement of product performance. At present, there is no uniform standard for the price of Yichang foam wine tray, so it is advisable to choose the manufacturer when buying!

The production materials used in Yichang foam wine trays can be used not only for packaging, but also for sound insulation and sound absorption. The functions of foam packaging materials are still very diverse. If you want to buy foam packaging materials, you are welcome to come to our foam factory to buy, Yichang Zhijiang Guangming Foam Factory, relying on many years of production experience, always using advanced technical means, without the need to open the mold, can produce a variety of special-shaped wine Holders and gift box inner holders, pearl cotton inner holders in various packaging boxes, and various molded foam boxes. The foam packaging material is of good quality and the price is also very good!

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