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How to do Yichang foam wine tray packaging

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宜昌泡沫厂家 给大家分享一下酒托包装究竟是怎么做的。 We all know that there will be foam in the wine packaging to prevent shock. Those are all wine tray packaging. Today, Yichang foam manufacturers will share with you how the wine tray packaging is done.


Foam packaging is made of expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw materials through thermal processing through a mold. The packaging products produced are commonly known as 'foam'. Various kinds of packaging are made through pressing and mold processing, that is, foam packaging.

The superplastic conditions of foam packaging are not easy to fully meet, and the cost is too high. However, if it is only required that the temperature of the workpiece remains uniform and does not change with time during the forging process, it is relatively easy to implement, so it can be produced by isothermal forging. No matter it is die forging, free forging, whole forging, local forging, no matter what temperature control measures are adopted, as long as the workpiece temperature is uniform and does not change with time, it can be called isothermal forging, which is a more commonly used foam packaging method.


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