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Application of Yichang Foam

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With the continuous development of modern technology, more and more new products have been put into use, and the foam has also developed well. Foam has made a great leap in quality and has made significant progress in specific uses. Among them, the foam has also been continuously improved in the production process. In order to let more people understand the use of foam, today Let the foam factory explain for everyone.


First of all, the production of foam reflects a variety of characteristics, foam artificial leather, polyurethane foam, etc. are typical applications. The foam artificial leather is mixed with a foaming agent in a polyvinyl chloride paste, spreading or calendering on the fabric, and continuously passing through a tunnel heating furnace. The material is plasticized and melted, the foaming agent is decomposed and foamed, cooled and the surface is finished. Get foam artificial leather. Rigid PVC low foaming sheet is formed by extrusion method. The foaming agent is decomposed in the barrel. When the material leaves the head, the pressure drops to normal pressure, and it expands and foams when dissolved in the gas.
Secondly, after understanding the particularity of foam in production, we should also do some analysis on its chemical reaction. When manufacturers produce polyurethane foam, they mainly use polycondensation reactions, and some isocyanates react with water, hydroxyl or carboxyl groups to generate carbon dioxide. As long as the gas evolution speed and the polycondensation reaction speed are properly adjusted, a highly foamed product with very uniform cells can be produced. There are two types of polyurethane foam, soft open-cell shaped like a sponge, widely used as seat cushions, sofa cushions, sound absorption, filtering materials, etc.


In summary, the production of Yichang foam has also made great progress. Zhijiang Guangming Foam Factory is a professional foam factory specializing in foam, foam wine care, and pearl cotton. Welcome everyone to consult.

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