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Yichang foam wine tray production and sales-raw materials for pulp molding products

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Yichang foam wine tray plays a vital role in the wine transportation process, it can effectively play a role in shock absorption and anti-fall, then what is the foam wine tray made of as a raw material?


Pulp molding products use waste newspapers and carton paper as the main raw materials, pulp through a certain proportion of additives, dewatering molding through special molds, and then drying, heat treatment, shaping and other series of processes. Pulp molded products can be recycled and degraded. After adding a special process, they have good water and oil resistance, can completely replace foamed plastic products, can effectively eliminate "white pollution", and have good environmental protection.

Pulp molded products are environmentally friendly products recommended by environmental protection departments in the world. They pay great attention to environmental protection during the production process. With regard to the impact of the three waste issues on environmental protection, the entire production process starts from the main raw materials used to the entire production process. Until the end, its environmental awareness is very strong. Its raw material is waste paper, and it is mainly a physical reaction during the production and processing process. Only a small amount of chemical materials are added as a waterproofing agent, and these chemical materials are basically retained in the finished product after the product is dried. Pollution; production line water is used in a closed cycle, but water vapor is generated when the product is dried and volatilized to the space. No additional water is needed during the production process, so the water consumption is not large.


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