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The role of Yichang foam wine tray in wine transportation

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Yichang foam wine tray plays an increasingly important role in the transportation of wine . Today Yichang Guangming Foam Factory will give you a detailed explanation.


1. Do not open the bottle immediately after receiving the drink

After receiving alcohol, it is recommended not to drink immediately after opening. After the wine is transported for a long time, it will produce a "halo bottle" phenomenon, that is, the aroma is blocked, the structure is loose, and the taste is not lively. At this time, the wine is not suitable for drinking. But don't worry too much, as long as these "halo bottles" are stored in a suitable environment for 2-3 weeks, they will automatically rejuvenate.

2. What are the packaging methods for drinks?

We all know that it is a fragile commodity and has high requirements on packaging. In general, professional wine packaging should have multiple layers of protection, such as explosion-proof air-cushion film, special foam for preventing red wine from falling off, and exquisite wine bags. A professional and reputable online beverage store generally provides professional packaging methods, so please consult customer service before ordering for related matters, and buy "insurance" for your own drinks.

3. How long is the transportation time for drinks

The most taboo aspect of alcoholic beverages during transportation is temperature instability, so whether it is air, land or sea, the influence of high temperature must be avoided. If transporting under extreme weather conditions, in order to reduce the adverse effects of the environment on the drinks, it is best to choose the fastest express company. Domestically, SF's shipping method is the fastest. To be on the safe side, when buying alcohol and beverages online, it is best to choose a merchant that has SF delivery. Generally, the merchants who choose to ship with SF are more professional and better at drinking.


The above article is explained by the editor of Yichang Guangming Foam. If you have a need for Yichang foam wine tray, please visit our website at any time, and we will update you about Yichang foam wine tray from time to time. This news.

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