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What kind of pearl cotton is good quality?

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What is the thermal insulation and service life of the quilt? Depends on the quality of the non-woven fabric and the quality of the filling material (pearl cotton). 给菜农朋友们科普一下,什么样的珍珠棉才是合格的珍珠棉?什么样的珍珠棉保温功能好且使用寿命长? Here is a science popularization for vegetable farmers. What kind of pearl cotton is qualified? What kind of pearl cotton has good thermal insulation function and long service life?


弹起并康复本来的厚度;残次的珍珠棉密度小、泡孔大、气泡扁平,这样的珍珠棉在重压之后不会弹起, 通过卷帘机械反反复复卷放碾压后,会越来越薄,随之保温功能也会越来越差。 From the appearance point of view, good pearl cotton has high density, small bubbles, uniform and round. Such pearl cotton has good elasticity. After heavy pressure, it can gradually spring up and recover its original thickness. The residual pearl cotton has low density and foam. The holes are large and the air bubbles are flat. Such pearl cotton will not pop up after heavy pressure. After rolling and rolling repeatedly through the roller shutter mechanism, it will become thinner and thinner, and the insulation function will become worse and worse. 于厂家在生产过程中使用的是进口原资料仍是再生造粒,是否增加了近30000元/吨的贵重的抗氧化剂以 及EVA,还有增加的份额是多少? Pearl cotton cannot be visually judged in terms of sun resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, and service life. These factors depend on whether the manufacturer uses imported raw materials or is still pelletized in the production process. 30,000 yuan / ton of precious antioxidants and EVA, what is the increased share?

珠棉在使用2---3年后,一般情况下会开裂,会老化破碎。 Good pearl cotton has a strong tensile force, and it will not crack and become thin after 8--10 years of use (after rolling and rolling machinery is rolled and rolled several times); defective pearl cotton will be used after 2 --- 3 years , Under normal circumstances, it will crack and will age and break. 内部。 "EPE pearl cotton" is a lightweight closed-cell self-waterproof material. Because the open space inside the material is not connected to each other, external moisture cannot enter the inside of the material . 问题,一起也省去了保温被上面的防水塑料膜,完成了资料的自防水。 The insulation quilt made of "EPE pearl cotton" also overcomes the problem that the insulation with other original materials as the filling material is affected by the damp and heat insulation function . The waterproof plastic film on the insulation quilt is also omitted, and the self-documentation waterproof. 易卷放,卷放省力,因而对卷帘机功率的要求也相应下降。 The pearl cotton insulation quilt is light in weight, not affected by moisture, easy to be unrolled, and labor-saving for unwinding, so the requirements for the power of the roller shutter machine have also decreased accordingly. 使用寿命更长 The thermal insulation quilt made of high-quality pearl cotton has a higher insulation function than the thermal insulation quilt made of straw curtains and other materials, and the temperature is much higher, and it is waterproof and has a longer service life.


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