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What should be paid attention to when installing insulation board in Yichang?

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What should I pay attention to when installing insulation boards? Today Yichang Guangming Foam Factory came to explain it to everyone.


1) The standard board size is 300 * 300, and the diagonal error is less than 3mm. If you need to cut, you can use a small cutting saw to cut. The allowable deviation of the size of the insulation board is ± 2.

2) Turning the grid cloth: The grid cloth is glued to the door and window openings, the sides of the deformation seam, etc. The total width is about 200, and the width of the turned-over part is 80. The specific method is as follows: The cut length of the grid cloth is 180 plus the board thickness. First apply a special adhesive with a length of 80 and a width of 2 to the turn-up area, and then press in the 80-long grid cloth, and then throw it out for use.

3) Apply the configured special adhesive on the back of the composite foamed cement board. The compacted thickness of the adhesive is about 3. In order to ensure strong adhesion, it is best to use the full adhesion method, and the strip adhesive method and Dot method.

4) Strip sticking method: Use a toothed trowel to uniformly apply the special adhesive on the foamed cement board horizontally. The strip width is 10, the thickness is 10, and the middle distance is 50.

5) Strip method: Use a trowel to apply a special adhesive to the periphery and middle of each board, and then wipe the gray cake with a diameter of 50 and a thickness of 10 in the partition area of the foamed cement board.

6) Quickly paste the insulation board with the special adhesive on the wall to prevent the surface from crusting and losing the bonding effect.

7) After the foamed cement insulation board is adhered to the wall, it should be flattened with a ruler of 2 meters to ensure its flatness and firmness. The board must be tightly squeezed without gaps. The gap formed by cutting is not straight. Plug in and smooth with adhesive. After each board is glued, the special adhesive on the extruded surface should be removed.

8) The pasting of foamed cement board should be horizontally paved from bottom to top in sections. Each row of boards should be staggered by 1/2 board length, and the smallest part of the staggered seam should not be less than 100.

Folding mounting fixture

1) The fixing part is installed after 8 hours of sticking the insulation board and completed within 24 hours. Use an impact drill to drill holes according to the design requirements. The hole diameter is 10, the depth of the base wall is about 60, and the depth of the anchors into the base wall is about 50 to ensure firmness and reliability.

2) The number of fixing parts is set for each board.

3) The self-tapping screws should be squeezed tightly and the engineering plastic expansion nail cap should be neatly or slightly screwed into the surface of the composite foam cement board to ensure that the tail of the expansion nail is screwed back to fully anchor the base wall.

Folding sanding

1) The joints of the insulation board should be sanded with coarse sandpaper. The action is gentle circular motion. Do not sand along the direction parallel to the board joints.

2) Clean the floating ash with a brush after sanding.

Folded as decorative corner

1) According to the design requirements, use the ink line to pop out the position where the line angle is needed, and perform the horizontal and vertical correction.

2) Use a groover to cut the board into a notch at the corner of the groove, and the thinnest part of the notch should not be less than 15.

3) After the convex line corner is cut according to the design size, brush the interface agent on both sides of the line corner and the corresponding insulation board, and then apply the special adhesive to make it stick firmly.

Folding the bottom polymer mortar

1) The configuration of polymer mortar is the same as that of special binder.

2) Apply the configured polymer mortar evenly on the board to a thickness of 2 mm.


Folded into grid cloth

1) The grid cloth should be cut according to the length and width of the working surface, and the overlap width should be left. The mesh cloth should be cut along the warp and weft directions.

2) Turn over the grid cloth around the entrance such as doors and windows. A layer of grid cloth should be added to the four corners to strengthen the whole grid cloth.

3) Apply polymer mortar to the front and sides of the extruded board at the opening of the hole and the grid cloth. (Only the end of the extruded board here is allowed to apply polymer mortar.) Turn the pre-rolled mesh cloth along the thickness of the plate and press it into the polymer mortar.

4) Straighten the entire grid in the horizontal direction. Pay attention to the curved side of the grid facing inward. Use a trowel to smooth the grid from the middle up and down to make it close. The overlap width of the mesh cloth in the horizontal direction is not less than 100, and the overlap length in the vertical direction is not less than 80. The overlap of the bottom mortar shall be filled with polymer mortar at the overlap, and the mesh cloth shall not be wrinkled, hollowed or warped.

5) At the corners of the concave and convex lines, a narrow grid cloth should be buried in the bottom polymer mortar, and the entire grid cloth should be laid on the narrow grid cloth, overlapping the width of 80.

6) The grid cloths on both sides of the wall are overlapped with each other at two corners, and the overlap width of each side is not less than 200.

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