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What are the common types of Yichang insulation board?

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Today Yichang Guangming Foam Factory came to show you the common types of insulation boards.


XPS insulation board

XPS insulation board is a rigid foam plastic board manufactured by using polystyrene resin as raw material plus other raw materials, auxiliary materials and polymers, heating and mixing while injecting the catalyst, and then extrusion molding. . Its scientific name is extruded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation (XPS for short). XPS has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure. This structure allows XPS board to have extremely low water absorption (almost no water absorption) and low thermal conductivity. High pressure resistance and aging resistance (normally no aging decomposition phenomenon in normal use).

Polyurethane insulation board

1. The rigid polyurethane board has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. When the rigid polyurethane bulk density is 35 ~ 40kg / m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018g ~ 0.023w / (mk), which is equivalent to about half of EPS. It is the lowest thermal conductivity among all insulation materials.

2. Rigid polyurethane board has moisture and water resistance. Rigid polyurethane has a closed cell ratio of more than 90%, which is a hydrophobic material. It will not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, and the wall will not seep water.

3, rigid polyurethane fire, flame retardant, high temperature resistance. After adding flame retardant, polyurethane is a flame-retardant self-extinguishing material. Its softening point can reach more than 250 degrees Celsius, and it will only decompose at higher temperatures: In addition, polyurethane will be on its foam surface when burning This layer of ash helps to isolate the underlying foam. Can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Moreover, polyurethane does not generate harmful gases at high temperatures.

4. Due to the excellent thermal insulation performance of the polyurethane sheet, the thickness of the outer protective structure of the building can be reduced under the same thermal insulation requirements, thereby increasing the indoor use area.

5. Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.

6. The polyurethane material has a stable porosity structure, which is basically a closed-cell structure, which not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption. The average life of rigid foam polyurethane insulation structure can reach more than 30 years under the conditions of normal use and maintenance. Under normal use conditions of the structure's life, it can not be damaged under the influence of external factors such as the growth of insects, fungi or algae, or the damage of rodents.

7, comprehensive cost-effective. Although the unit price of rigid polyurethane foam is higher than that of other traditional insulation materials, the increased cost will be offset by a substantial reduction in heating and cooling costs.


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