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Yichang Guangming Foam Factory tells you the advantages of polystyrene foam board

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它在我们的生活中应用的很广泛除了用途它还有哪些优点呢? The main use of polystyrene foam board is heat insulation in building walls, roof insulation and other places . It is widely used in our lives. In addition to its use, what advantages does it have? 宜昌光明泡沫厂就为大家解答一下这个问题。 Today Yichang Guangming Foam Factory will answer this question for everyone.


1. Light weight. Chinese standards require the use of EPS boards with a bulk density of 18 ~ 22kg / m3, and only 15kg / m3 EPS boards are used in Europe;

Second, the thermal conductivity is low. Due to its air-filled pore structure, it prevents the air from spreading, making its thermal conductivity below 0.039; it is not affected by air temperature. At high temperature, the polystyrene foam board will not melt and flow due to the high temperature, and it will not cause brittle cracking due to the low temperature at low temperature;

由于其板材中98%的空间充斥着空气,有足够的能力通过改变和回复形状对外界冲击力进行缓冲,抗冲击能力良好; 3. The density coefficient of the polystyrene foam board is small. Since 98% of the space in the board is filled with air, it has sufficient ability to buffer the external impact force by changing and recovering the shape, and the impact resistance is good;

Fourth, low water absorption. Studies have shown that humidity affects the thermal and mechanical properties of materials, and the low water absorption of materials helps maintain these properties;

V. Polystyrene foam is a recyclable material that can be recycled, and its recycling degree is the highest among plastics;

6. The energy consumption of the whole life cycle is the lowest among plastic products ;

7. With independent bubble structure, small area damage will not affect the entire wall;

8. Its surface has low water absorption and good anti-permeability, which can effectively avoid wall problems such as mildew and shedding after being wet;


The above is about the advantages of your polystyrene foam board, because one of its main functions is thermal insulation, so it is usually selected as the main material of the thermal insulation board.

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