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Differential analysis of the use of foam packaging in the construction industry

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The use of foam packaging is an environmentally friendly product, and the production process also requires strict details. So for the use of foam packaging, especially in the construction industry, what are the different materials that should not be used? Today, let's take a closer look together ~


We all know that foam packaging has a good thermal insulation effect. Foam foam packaging insulation refers to the ability of the building shell to keep the indoor temperature at room temperature to prevent heat transfer from indoor to outdoor. Insulation is a technical parameter of the ability of the insulation structure to keep the inner surface temperature at a proper temperature by isolating the effects of summer solar radiation and outdoor heat. The heat transfer process is different. Foam packaging insulation refers to the heat transfer process in winter. Generally, stable heat transfer and some effects of unstable heat transfer are considered. The thermal insulation of foam packaging means that the heat transfer process in summer usually requires 24 hours for periodic heat transfer.

Insulation performance is usually evaluated by heat transfer coefficient or heat transfer resistance. Insulation performance is usually evaluated by the maximum temperature of the inner surface of the envelope in summer outdoor temperature calculations. If the maximum temperature in the surface of the brick wall is less than or equal to 240 mm thick under the same conditions, the maximum temperature in the brick wall is considered to meet the insulation requirements. The structure of foam packaging is different because the thermal insulation performance mainly depends on the heat transfer coefficient or heat transfer value of the shell structure. The insulation material is combined with the glass heat insulation roof of the shell structure, or the composite wall is directly used as the composite wall. The heat transfer coefficient is relatively small, so its thermal insulation performance is better. Foam packaging uses materials and envelopes that reflect solar radiation. The roofs are compounded together to keep the indoor surfaces at an appropriate temperature to achieve thermal insulation.


Foam packaging is packaging made from foam. The so-called foam packaging mainly refers to the thermal processing of expandable polystyrene raw materials through a mold. Packaged products are often referred to as "foam." Under high load conditions, the material absorbs energy through deformation and energy to achieve buffer damping, and also has a thermal insulation function.

In the process of using foam boards, we know the quality of the product, and use the correct installation and storage methods to ensure the quality of the product and maintain the product in good condition in the future use!

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