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What are the uses and material properties of EPS foam board?

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We often see foam boards, but the true characteristics of foam boards have never been thoroughly understood. Foam board is convenient to use and convenient to transport. It is also often used in many buildings. What are the performance advantages of EPS foam board? Most of our understanding of EPS foam board is in the significant characteristics of its physical mechanics. Today Let's take a closer look at the specific performance of the foam board.


First, let's start with the density of the EPS foam board. The density of EPS is determined by the expansion factor of the polystyrene particles in the forming stage. In particular, the apparent density used in engineering is required. Among them, density is an important index of EPS, and its mechanical properties are almost proportional to its density. If EPS foam board is used in external wall insulation systems, its apparent density requirements will be more stringent. He has specific standards, so density is an important indicator for measuring EPS!


There is also the deformation characteristics of EPS foam board EPS material. The compression process under the three-way stress state and the one-way stress state is basically similar. When the confining pressure is very small, the influence on the stress-strain relationship and the yield strength is limited. The main layout of the building can be maintained to extend the life of the building. Because the outer insulation is to place the insulation layer outside the layout, the stress of the layout deformation caused by the temperature change is reduced, and the corrosion of the layout by harmful substances and ultraviolet rays in the air is reduced.

EPS's polystyrene materials are widely used in the construction and packaging industries due to their light weight, shock resistance, drop resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation, self-extinguishing, environmental protection and aging resistance, low cost, and easy construction.

Among them, EPS is chemically stable in water and soil and cannot be decomposed by microorganisms; the cavity structure of EPS also makes water infiltration extremely slow; when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, the surface of EPS will change from white to yellow, and the material will It is brittle on the surface; EPS is stable in most solvents, but it can be dissolved in organic solvents such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, toluene, and acetone, which also shows that EPS foam board fillers need to be protected!

At the same time, for the use of various foam boards, we need to fully understand its specific performance in order to ensure the normal product effect in the later stage!

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