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If you want to buy high-quality pearl cotton products, you must first learn to distinguish the quality of the products.

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As a new type of packaging material, pearl cotton has been welcomed as soon as it is on the market. This product is lightweight and soft. It is very convenient in the process of use, so they are very common in life. The demand for it is only increasing, but in order to buy high-quality products, we need to learn to distinguish the quality of pearl cotton.


First, look at the softness between materials. Pearl cotton is similar to sponge. It belongs to a kind of packaging material. It is widely used in packaging, express delivery, transportation and other industries. The main role is to protect it, It will not be damaged during transportation, so you can judge the quality of the material by looking at the softness between them.

Second, depending on the water absorption of the material, the sponge will absorb it when it encounters water, but Zheng Zhuan can't, because its main function is to protect it. It needs to ensure that the product will not be affected by external influences during transportation The phenomenon of moisture, so we can judge the quality of the corresponding product through the water immersion test.


15071788923。 In addition to the above two more common methods, there are other such as thermal insulation properties, etc. If you want to learn more about related content, you can browse our website, if you need to buy pearl cotton, you can also call us Bright Foam Contact: 15071788923.

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