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There are many pearl cotton products on the market. In order to quickly select what we need, we must first understand its classification.

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As a common packaging material, pearl cotton should not be unfamiliar to everyone, because its application range is relatively broad, and there are many related product types on the market. We need to understand its classification before buying.


It can be subdivided into:

Ordinary pearl cotton: suitable for general product packaging, product gaskets, product spacers, etc.

According to the requirements of different industries, there are some such as high-density pearl cotton, which has high hardness and good resistance to compression and wrinkle;

Antistatic pearl cotton, special antistatic agent added in the production process, can effectively block the static electricity generated by friction during product transportation, and is a good packaging material for electronic appliances, instruments and meters packaging and transportation;

Flame retardant pearl cotton, added a certain flame retardant in the production process, can play a good flame retardant effect, is an ideal material for flame retardant boards. In addition, pearl cotton can also be compounded with many other materials, such as pe film, aluminum film, woven cloth, flocking cloth, etc., to further improve its toughness and make it more resistant to tearing and stretching.

When you choose according to your own needs and the specific application of the product, you can quickly choose our product. There are more manufacturers of the same product in the market. When you buy, you must also pay attention to quality issues because it will There are some differences between good and bad, I hope everyone can buy high-quality pearl cotton.

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