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Have you heard of pearl cotton-filled pillows? In fact, this is also an application of packaging materials

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There are a variety of packaging materials on the market with different functions and applications. Among the more common materials, the existence of pearl cotton is included. 韧性强等多个优点,所以它的应用也是比较广泛的。 This type of packaging material has many advantages such as water resistance, moisture resistance, strong toughness, etc., so it is also widely used.


枕头的选择直接影响到我们的睡眠质量,睡眠质量的好坏直接影响到我们的生产生活,身体健康。 Pillow is one of the things that cannot be separated from sleeping in life. The choice of pillow directly affects our sleep quality, and the quality of sleep directly affects our production life and physical health. 有必要选择一个富有弹性,透气吸湿,抗压缓冲且回弹力强的枕头,具备一定经济性的同时更可以保证睡眠质量。 Therefore, it is necessary to choose a pillow that is elastic, breathable, absorbs moisture, resists pressure and cushions, and has high resilience. It has certain economy and can also ensure sleep quality.

珍珠棉填充枕头 Now there is such a pillow on the market- pearl cotton filled pillow , Pearl cotton is produced by low-density polyvinyl ester particles through physical extrusion and foaming. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and is resistant to chemical corrosion, shock buffering, and elastic. The appearance of pearl cotton filled pillows, interested friends can try it.


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