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How to distinguish pearl cotton and its quality

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The packaging of many products is inseparable from the existence of pearl cotton, so there are many related products on the market, and it is not guaranteed that all the quality is high. Consumers need to learn to identify and determine the quality of the product. If you need now Buy pearl cotton, then you must not miss the following content.


The first is to distinguish from the appearance of the material. For those high-quality pearl cotton materials, the elasticity they exhibit is generally better. Even under heavy pressure, it can be restored to the original shape.

Secondly, it is distinguished by the pulling force of the material. The high-quality pearl cotton material generally has a relatively long pulling force, which is mainly reflected in the fact that it will not break after mechanical rolling, and the service life it uses is average. They are also relatively long.


质量的方法,在选购的时候,要综合考虑、分析,选择优质的产品,这样才能确保产品的质量,希望今天的内容可以对有需要的朋友作为参考。 This is the way to distinguish the quality of pearl cotton . When buying, you must comprehensively consider, analyze, and choose high-quality products so as to ensure the quality of the product. I hope today's content can be used as a reference for friends in need.

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