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There are many packaging materials on the market. In fact, more foam materials are used.

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As the name suggests, packaging materials are used to protect products and wrap them. There are many types of packaging materials on the market. In fact, the most common material is foam. Many products use this protection method during transportation. Greatly avoid the loss of the product before use.


防止因运输中的碰撞而发生损坏。 Because of the requirements on product packaging and quality, many factories now prefer this packaging method, because this can prevent damage due to collision during transportation. In addition to this, this material has other benefits:

在日常生活中经常会遇到静电,比如搬一件易碎品的时候有时就会出现因为静电而掉落东西的现象,而采用这种方式就可以避免这样的情况,不管对于商家还是客户来说都是很有好处的 1. Anti-static, static electricity is often encountered in daily life. For example, when moving a fragile product, sometimes it will fall due to static electricity, and this way can avoid this situation, regardless of It's good for businesses or customers .

2. Insulation and sound insulation, foam packaging materials also have good heat insulation and sound insulation effects. For some products that require heat insulation or sound insulation, this packaging method is more suitable.

3. Most of them are made of resin materials. There are countless voids in the interior, which are lightweight, waterproof, heat-insulating and shock-absorbing. It is also divided into crystalline and amorphous. The crystalline type has its internal molecules arranged in order and tightly connected. Therefore, it has good stability, heat resistance and high strength. The opposite is true for indefinite, where the molecular chain arrangement is scattered and the mechanical properties are poor.

4. Most of them are soft. This kind of material is affordable and has excellent elasticity. Now many new foam materials have added flame retardant ingredients and have certain fire resistance.


These are the advantages that foam materials have, and it is precisely because of these special advantages that they have become the leader in packaging materials. If you have related needs now, you can leave a message to contact us. Our company will serve you wholeheartedly. Provide quality products.

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