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What are the main characteristics of Yichang foam

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Yichang foam packaging is used a lot in life, especially some fragile products, digital electronic products, etc. In order to ensure the integrity of the product, foam is usually used for packaging, and these are determined by the characteristics of the foam So, what are the main characteristics of the bubble?


The main characteristics of Yichang foam:

1. Lightweight. Part of the space of EPS packaging products is replaced by gas, containing 3-6 million independent closed vapor bubbles in each cubic decimeter volume. It is therefore several times to several tens of times larger than plastic.

2. Capable of absorbing shock load. When EPS packaging products are subjected to impact loads, the gas in the foam stagnates and compresses, causing external energy to be consumed and dissipated. The foam body gradually terminates the impact load with a small negative acceleration, so it has a good shock resistance effect.

3. Good insulation performance. Thermal conductivity is the weighted average of pure EPS thermal conductivity (108cal / mh ℃) and air thermal conductivity (about 90cal / mh ℃).

4. Good sound insulation performance. EPS product sound insulation mainly through two ways, one is to absorb the sound wave energy, reduce reflection and transmission; the second is to eliminate resonance and reduce noise.

5. Anti-aging and corrosion performance. Except for prolonged exposure to high-energy radiation, the product has no obvious aging phenomenon. Can withstand many chemicals, such as dilute acid, dilute alkali, methanol, lime, asphalt, etc.

6. Anti-static performance. Because EPS products have low electrical conductivity, they are prone to self-charging during friction and will not affect general user products. For high-precision electronic products, especially large-scale integrated block structural elements of modern electrical appliances, antistatic EPS products should be used.


The above is a related introduction to the characteristics of foam. I hope that it can be helpful to everyone. For more information about foam packaging, insulation boards, pearl cotton, etc., please visit our website to visit daiichiyoushoku.com.

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