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Yichang foam board: What is the difference between extruded board and polystyrene board?

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Many people have a serious misunderstanding of the extruded board, thinking that the extruded board is a polystyrene board, but the name is different and the others are the same. I don't know that this understanding is completely wrong! The extruded board is also called extruded polystyrene foam board. He also has a name called XPS board. Maybe there is a name of polystyrene. Everyone always associates it with polystyrene board. Actually, it is not. Today Let's take a closer look at the difference between extruded and polystyrene boards ~


Extruded board, this kind of board is widely used in decoration. It is used for wall insulation, insulation of flat roofs and steel structure roofs, and insulation of runways and highways in some airports. The price of this material is not expensive, and the quality is not bad, so it has won praise from users! Both extruded board and polystyrene board have certain thermal insulation properties, but due to their different characteristics, there are certain differences in some aspects.

Among them, the extruded sheet has a smaller thermal conductivity than the polystyrene sheet. It has great advantages over polystyrene board in the choice of thickness! Extruded board has greater compressive strength or compressive strength than polystyrene board. Therefore, extruded board is commonly used for roof insulation and basement and floor insulation. The disadvantages of extruded board over polystyrene board are: high density, dense structure, obvious brittleness, airtightness, smooth surface, no interface treatment, and low adhesion. Practice shows that the XPS extruded thermal insulation board with a thickness of 20mm is equivalent to 50mm thick expanded polystyrene and 120mm thick cement perlite.


Both have their own advantages as well as their own disadvantages. Extrusion boards have better thermal insulation properties than EPS. For the exterior wall of the same kind of building, its thickness can be lower than other types of insulation materials, but its sheet is relatively brittle, not easy to bend, stress is concentrated when there is stress on the sheet, and it is easy to damage and crack the sheet! Another is that the extruded board has relatively poor air permeability, and the price is slightly higher than the polystyrene board.

However, because of the nature of the board, the strength of the polystyrene board is not great. Good products need to be placed for a period of time before they can be used. The price is not particularly expensive, making the overall system price appropriate. Convenient for users to accept!

Each product has its advantages and its own shortcomings, so when using products to purchase products, we still need to make a detailed understanding of the product to better let it play its effective role in the later use!

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