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Yichang foam board

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Product details:

Foam boards are mainly used in building walls, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ships, thermal insulation, floor heating, decoration and sculpture, etc. are widely used.


Yichang foam board use effect:

1. Protect the main structure of the building and extend the life of the building. The external insulation is to place the thermal insulation layer on the outside of the structure, which reduces the pressure caused by structural deformation caused by temperature changes, and reduces the structure's erosion by harmful substances and ultraviolet rays.

2. Effectively eliminate the "thermal bridge". In the past, internal thermal insulation was used. The "thermal bridge" was difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation effectively prevented the generation of thermal bridges and dew condensation.

3. Improve the tide temperature of the wall. Generally, the inner insulation needs to be provided with a vapor barrier layer, while the thermal insulation performance of the outer insulation material is much stronger than the main structure. Generally, condensation does not occur inside the wall. The temperature of the entire wall is increased to further enhance the wall's thermal insulation performance.

4. Conducive to the stability of room temperature, the use of external wall insulation, because the wall's large heat storage capacity of the structural layer inside the wall, is conducive to room temperature stability.

5. Increase the area of the house. It can avoid the damage of the insulation layer by the second decoration.

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