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Yichang foam wine tray

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Product Features:

采用加厚泡沫制作而,主要用于食品,饮料,净菜,海鲜,奶制品,黄油,巧克力等。 1. Foam wine tray is made of thick foam. It is mainly used for food, beverages, vegetables, seafood, dairy products, butter, chocolate and so on.

2, foam wine tray has the ability to accept gravity, thicker box body, has strong waterproof, anti-impact function, is an ideal material for cushioning, insulation and shielding packaging, suitable for mailing purposes.


3, foam wine tray is cost-effective

4. Excellent economic performance. Due to the light weight of the foam, packaging, material and transportation costs are reduced, which is economical and affordable.

5, good environmental performance, can be recycled and reused, in line with environmental protection trends.

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