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  • Yichang foam insulation board production

    Yichang Guangming Foam Factory is mainly engaged in the production of foam insulation boards, which are widely used in construction, thermal insulation, packaging, refrigeration, daily necessities, industrial casting and other fields. Can also be used to display venues, merchandise cabinets, Canton ...

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  • Yichang foam box

    Yichang foam box is an important product produced and sold by our manufacturer. It has a history of many years. The produced product can play its role well when used ...

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  • Yichang pearl cotton manufacturers

    Yichang pearl cotton is a cushioning packaging material, which is composed of countless independent bubbles produced by polyethylene foam through physical foaming, and then further processing various sheets, profiles, fillers, etc ...

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  • Yichang foam wine tray

    Yichang foam wine tray features: The foam wine tray uses a new type of shockproof packaging material and insulation material. It has light specific gravity, impact resistance, easy forming, beautiful appearance, bright color and high ...

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  • Yichang foam wine tray manufacturers

    Yichang foam wine tray features: 1. Capable of absorbing shock loads. When Yichang EPS packaging products are subjected to impact loads, the gas in the foam passes stagnation and compression, so that external energy ...

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