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Sparkling wine tray

Introduction—— Characteristics of foam wine tray: (1) Very low bulk density, which can reduce packaging weight and reduce transportation costs; (2) has excellent shock and vibration energy absorption, and is used to cushion shock-proof packaging.

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的特性: The characteristics of foam tonic :

(1) Bulk density is very low, which can reduce the weight of packaging and reduce transportation costs;

(2) It has excellent absorption of shock and vibration energy, which can greatly reduce the damage of the product when used for shock-proof packaging;

(3) Strong adaptability to changes in temperature and humidity, which can meet the requirements of general packaging conditions;

(4) Low water absorption, low hygroscopicity, good chemical stability, will not cause corrosion on the contents, and has strong resistance to chemicals such as acids and alkalis;


(5) Low thermal conductivity, which can be used for thermal insulation packaging, such as ice cream cups, fast food containers and fish tanks;

(6) The molding process is convenient, and various foam pads, foam blocks, sheets, etc. can be made by molding methods such as compression, extrusion, and injection. It is easy to perform secondary molding processing, such as foam boards can be made into various fast food containers by thermoforming. In addition, foam plastic blocks can also be self-adhesive with other adhesives or with other materials to make various cushion pads.

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