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Professional manufacturer of foam board, extruded board, pearl cotton, polystyrene pellets

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National Advisory Hotline: 15071788923

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  • A group of the town committee of Baiyang Town, Zhijiang City
  • 15071788923
  • 15071788923
  • 814280521@qq.com

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Zhijiang Guangming Foam Factory

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Phone: 15071788923 Email: 814280521@qq.com QQ: 814280521

Yichang Guangming Foam Factory is mainly engaged in the products of Changchang Foam, Yichang Insulation Board, Yichang Foam Wine Holder, Yichang Pearl Cotton Products.

Address: Group 1 of Jizhen Town Committee, Baiyang Town, Zhijiang City

Technical Support: Yichang Hotspot Station Promotion 万家灯火

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