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Yichang Zhijiang Guangming Foam Factory, located in Zhijiang City, Yichang, Hubei Province, with well-developed transportation and beautiful scenery, is a professional manufacturer of flame-retardant and non-flame-resistant foam sheets, extruded sheets, pearl cotton, polystyrene pellets and foams with different specifications. Manufacturer of scrap rubber blocks. The foam boards produced by our factory are mainly suitable for the insulation of internal and external walls, the heat insulation and insulation of roofs of large breeding plants, chicken houses and pig houses, as well as the anti-moisture in the basement and the lost form of foundries. Relying on many years of production experience, we always use advanced technical means, without mold opening, we can produce various special-shaped wine trays and gift box inner trays, various packing boxes that require pearl cotton inner trays, and various molded foam boxes. . I plant as always uphold the "good faith management, quality service ...

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  • There are many types of pearl cotton on the market. The characteristics of this material are mainly reflected in these aspects.

    The existence of pearl cotton is required in many places in life, because it is widely used, so the demand for it in the market is increasing day by day. In order to better understand this product, we must first know what characteristics it has. 1.Pearl cotton rolls are not ...



  • Why foam packaging is widely used

    Foam packaging should be familiar to everyone, especially for some fragile products, products that require high temperature and need heat insulation, etc., will use foam packaging, and the texture of foam packaging is very light. During transportation ...



  • What is high density pearl cotton?

    There are many types of application of pearl cotton. For the use of high-density pearl cotton, which is a more popular material, how much do we know about the use of high-density pearl cotton? Today we come to understand the specific package of high-density pearl cotton ...



  • How to check whether Yichang insulation board meets the standard specifications?

    Faced with so many insulation board products on the market, we often don't know how to choose when buying, mainly because we don't know what the standard specifications of the product are? So, how to test the standard specifications of Yichang insulation board and what are the standards ...



  • Yichang foam board: What is the difference between extruded board and polystyrene board?

    Many people have a serious misunderstanding of the extruded board, thinking that the extruded board is a polystyrene board, but the name is different and the others are the same. I don't know that this understanding is completely wrong! Extruded board is also called extruded polystyrene foam board. He also has a name ...



  • What are the commonly used insulation board thickness specifications?

    Each product has its own value, but it must also be divided into specific applications according to its performance characteristics. The thickness requirements of the insulation board are also calculated according to different applications. Today we come to learn more about the thickness specifications of the insulation board ...

    保温板厚度规格常用到的有哪些 如何挑选?


  • How to buy Yichang foam box, what is the production principle?

    Of course, the foam box is made of foam. The first reaction of many people is this, but for the use and production principle of Yichang foam box, what are the specific material combinations, today we will make a detailed explanation for When choosing to use ...



  • What materials does Yichang pearl cotton sheet have?

    There are coils and sheets of pearl cotton. Which material do you prefer? Yichang pearl cotton sheet is widely used, especially in the transportation industry. Yichang pearl cotton and various fabrics are good interior decoration materials for various vehicles and bedrooms. we...



  • What is the difference between Yichang foam and EPE pearl cotton packaging?

    With the increasing complexity of packaging materials, people have a high understanding of the choice of packaging materials in their lives. Especially, the packaging of Yichang foam is different from Yichang pearl cotton. The material of Yichang pearl cotton is mostly EPE, so for Yichang foam ...



  • How long is the insulation time of Yichang foam box?

    The development of the use of foam boxes in the cold chain logistics industry is a mainstream trend, and the insulation effect of Yichang foam boxes during use is also a great advantage to replace the traditional method. With the rise of the e-commerce logistics industry and people's distribution of agricultural products and processed food ...



  • How much is a square of Yichang foam insulation board?

    Foam insulation board makes us a kind of insulation material that is more common in construction and packaging of daily necessities. So what is the price of using one square of Yichang foam insulation board? We must fully understand this issue when considering, see ...



  • How much is Yichang foam wine tray production and wholesale?

    For fragile and damaged products, especially for wine, what may happen during transportation. To ensure the safety of wine bottles, foam wine trays are a good choice. Yichang foam wine tray uses a new type of shockproof packaging material ...



  • How to do Yichang foam wine tray packaging

    We all know that there will be foam in the wine packaging to prevent shock. Those are all wine tray packaging. Today, Yichang foam manufacturers will share with you how the wine tray packaging is done. Foam packaging is made of expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw material through the mold ...



  • Application of Yichang Foam

    With the continuous development of modern technology, more and more new products have been put into use, and the foam has also developed well. Foam has made a great leap in quality, and has made significant progress in specific uses, among which ...



  • Yichang foam wine tray production and sales-raw materials for pulp molding products

    Yichang foam wine tray plays a vital role in the transportation of wine, it can effectively play a role in shock absorption and anti-fall. So what is the foam wine tray made of as a raw material? Pulp molded products are mainly using waste newspapers, carton paper ...



  • Various properties of Yichang pearl cotton

    Because Yichang pearl cotton foam material is a new type of environmental protection packaging and filling materials. The advantages are obvious and more and more people are accepting. Today, the Xiaobian of Zhijiang Guangming Foam Factory takes everyone to understand the various detailed properties of pearl cotton. EPE foam ...



  • The role of Yichang foam wine tray in wine transportation

    Yichang foam wine tray is playing an increasingly important role in the transportation of wine. Today, Yichang Guangming Foam Factory will explain it to you in detail. 1. After receiving the wine, do not open it immediately. . Because the wine is passing ...



  • What kind of pearl cotton is good quality?

    What is the thermal insulation and service life of the quilt? Depends on the quality of the non-woven fabric and the quality of the filling material (pearl cotton). Here is a popular science note for vegetable farmers. What kind of pearl cotton is qualified? What kind of pearl cotton is ...



  • What should be paid attention to when installing Yichang insulation board?

    What should I pay attention to when installing insulation boards? Today Yichang Guangming Foam Factory will explain it to everyone. 1) The standard board size is 300 * 300, and the diagonal error is less than 3mm. If you need to cut, you can use a small cutting saw to cut the insulation board ...



  • What are the common types of insulation panels in Yichang?

    Today Yichang Guangming Foam Factory came to show you the common types of insulation boards. XPS insulation board XPS insulation board, it is based on polystyrene resin plus other raw materials, auxiliary materials and poly ...



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